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Kevin King
Kevin at home on the Queensland Sunshine Coast

Kevin and wife Pat are regular visitors to Tamworth each year for the annual "Country Music Week".
During the 2003 festival Kevin and Pat were chating with Nev Nicholls when we learned that the Kings are mad South Sydney Rugby League supporters, Kevin and Pat are making the trek to Sydney in March for two of the Rabbitohs home games, I am looking forward to catching up with them whilst they are in Sydney.

The photo at right, shows just a few of the many awards of appreciation Kevin King has received throughout his very long illustrious career as a top-line Australian Country Music Entertainer. including the much prized "Norm Scott Pioneer Award" (the trophy with the horse shoes)

The following newspaper story tells of the great fun and entertainment the fans had when visiting the Crystal Palace for a "Kevin King's Country Sounds Show". It's a story from the Daily Telegraph dated 3rd October 1987.

By Doctor Dease
Longmore: King of
the Crystal Palace

Dave Longmore
Dave Longmore
A REFERENCE to Australian guitar legend Dave Longmore in last week's About Town report on Doris Dazed certainly brought a few old stagers of the country scene out of the woodwork.
Veteran country connoisseurs, including Dave Longmores widow Terri and Doug De Kroo, mingled with post-Grand Final revellers at the Hopetoun Hotel to check out this super-hot all-woman band, and particularly the lead guitarist Donna Day.
Terri Longmore had apparently been shocked to read that, horror of horrors, a woman was being compared with her late husband.
But on the night she did concede that times had changed and, yes, Donna was one mighty picker. But, she added diplomatically, she's working in a pretty smart band.
Comparisons aside, the night evoked many memories of Dave Longmore, a colossus among rock and country guitarists who played with just about everybody (from Johnny O'Keefe to Ray Hoff) and who, for many years, was a session musician at Festival Studios.

One of my favorite Longmore yarns is told by Mort Fist (a cohort of Dave's in the Masked Cocky Stranglers).
It goes back to the early 70's when the Crystal Palace at Railway Square was the undisputed headquarters of the Sydney country music scene.
Fans and aspiring pickers would flock there on Saturday
Guitar giants'
Showdown had
Heaps of bite!

afternoons to catch "Kevin Kings Country Sounds" featuring Dave Longmore, the peerless pedal steel picker Kenny Kitching and Jan Kelly (still Australia's best country singer).
Guest pickers would come along and attempt to match licks with Longmore and Kitching.
It was all played in a spirit of camaraderie but sometimes the competition was fierce, with the best pickers in the country all trying to outdo each other.
On this particular day, the guest picker was the great Maori guitarist Johnny J. Walker ( whose son Darryl, incidentally, is now with the Flying Emus).
All afternoon the solos had become more intense as the competition hotted up and it became obvious that the encore, Guitar Boogie, was to be one massive showdown.
Kenny Kitching opened the batting with one of those exquisite breaks that he makes look so easy; he'd cunningly selected a key which would make picking difficult for the following guitarists and the tension mounted...
Johnny J was next. A big man, he played guitar seated on a bar stool with his left hand over the top of the fretboard in the Thumbs Carlisle style.
He peeled off a lightning solo and just as the crowd was casping a collective "Strewth!" he picked up his instrument and ripped into a refrain by picking with his teeth, a stunt that usually only a Jimmy Hendrix could put over.
The Palace erupted and Johnny J. grinned at Longmore with a look that said "Top that if you can".
Longmore, never one to be fased, launched into a solo and, just short of the crescendo, calmly pulled out his denture plate, proceeded to use said plate as a plectrum and, naturally, produced the solo of the day.
Kitching and Walker fell off their stools laughing and the jury, a packed barful of well-inked country music lovers, duly awarded the "contest" to Longmore, hands down.
Sadly, Dave Longmore died in late '86, but as long as there are good musicians around who enjoy a post-gig libation, the Longmore legend will be told for many years to come.
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